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   There are some confused thoughts about playing poker on mobile phones or smartphones and PCs. Playing it all is great and it shouldn’t be matter the very same device from which you are playing, right? Here are some facts when you are considering both PC and smartphone poker.

First advantage of online smartphone playing is that you can play it from every part of the world. This is a really great thing when you are not at your home. The only thing what you have to do is to register on some online gambling site and you can start right away. On your smartphones you can play any game you want to and they have some really good graphics and audio effects. 10.-Sport-Betting-mobile-ApplicationMost popular games are played from Androids or iPhones are slots, poker, roulette, blackjack etc. If you are playing from smartphones, then it is required to download application for your game. These apps are made because most of the smartphones do not have support for flash players and thus you cannot play any game directly from your browser. One thing that is great when it comes to smartphones is that they are very small and much more compatible for playing. The bad things of phones are probably battery and small screens – big fingers. On any smartphones batteries really lasts for a small amount of time if you are using it for a maximum time period. You should plug it in almost every moment in order to play longer games. This can bring your battery to a certain death and there is no an adequate way of solving this problem. The next thing is if you are having very small screen and big fingers. This will cause to make wrong decisions and moves because you accidently hit some wrong button.

Yugoslavian-GamblingWhen you are playing on PC things are slightly different. Your graphics and audio effects are a little bit different from smartphone effects. You can play as much as you want because PC doesn’t require a battery. If you are turning pro then I’m advising you to play your games directly from your PC because that is much easier and better way. You can improve your style of play much more easily if are playing from PC because bigger screen means better view of things. Most of the online tournaments can be played both from PC or Phone but you should pick PC because you don’t want something stupid to happen just because the screen on phone is small. Enjoyment is a little bit lower because you are fixed to your chair for a longer period of time. It is much better if you sit on the bed or somewhere else where is very comfortable.

        Anyway these are some few facts about playing poker on smartphones and PC. You should pick your own favourite variant and play it from there. As I said before that this is part of someone’s passion and anybody will have an answer of their own.

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